Registration Categories

Delegate: Clinician, Researcher, Industry

Student/Trainee:Registrant must be a student or actively involved in training (residency, fellowship, etc.). May not hold a faculty appointment. Must complete and provide proof of enrollment (download here), signed by a department head.

Healthcare Partner:Registration for nursing professionals, social workers, physical therapists, psychologists, non-profit funder, etc. Not intended for other academic degreed attendees. Note: families and caregivers should register under this category if they plan to attend the full Symposium.

Accompanying Person/s:Includes entrance to the Welcome Reception and Exhibition, and lunch boxes will be provided. Does not include entrance to scientific sessions during the Symposium. Tickets to the Gala Dinner and day tour options should be purchased separately.

A Note to Nursing Professionals:If you are interested in participating in the Nursing Sessions, it is NOT required that you purchase registration for the full Symposium. In this case, your registration fee would only be the 15,000 JPY for the Nursing Sessions.

If you are planning to participate in the full Symposium and would also like to take part in the pre-Symposium Nursing Sessions, you do not have to purchase a separate registration for those sessions. In other words, the Nursing Sessions will be included in your full Symposium registration fee. 

The fee for all Symposium Participants (All fully registered Delegates as
well as Students, Trainees, and Healthcare Partners) includes:

  • All scientific sessions during the main conference
  • Lunch sessions (Lunch Boxes included)
  • Poster Sessions
  • ISPNO 2020 printed program
  • ISPNO 2020 collected abstracts download
  • Welcome Reception (12/13)
  • Entrance to the Exhibition

Note: Gala Dinner access only available to fully registered participants who also pre-purchase a ticket.

The Fee for Accompanying Persons Includes:

  • Welcome Reception (12/13)
  • Entrance to the Exhibition
  • Lunch Boxes (Does not include entrance into Lunch Sessions)

Method of Payment:

Registration fee must be made in Japanese yen using a valid credit card online. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, or JCB. Please note that after your registration payment, your credit card statement will show the transaction listed as “Proactive Inc.”, which is the name used to administer on-line payments for this event.


All cancellations must be notified in writing to the Symposium secretariat.

  • Refunds will be made when written notice of cancellation is received by the secretariat no later than November 30, 2020.
  • A cancellation charge of 30% of fees paid will be deducted to cover administrative costs prior to making refund.
  • Refunds will not be made for cancellation requests received on or after December 1, 2020 or for no shows.
  • All refunds will be made after the Symposium.

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